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Ekeb: The real power of a mezuzah

googThis week’s perasha contains the commandment to place a mezuzah on our doorpost. The purpose of the mezuzah, tzitzit, tefillin are all similar: We are instructed to place the word of God on our homes and on our bodies so that we constantly remember our mission in life. Too often in the hectic lives we live we lose focus of the goal. We forget why we are trying to make money, educate our children, build synagogues and institutions. The goal is to live a worthy life with the Torah as our guide. The mezuzah is here to remind us before we leave the house, and when we return home, that God should be central to our lives. Continue reading


Ekeb: First or last?

Graphic1-300x256The Hasidic master Rabbi Yehudah Aryeh Leib Alter of Ger (1847-1905), in his magnum opus Sefat Emet, made a perceptive observation about a phrase in this week’s Torah reading. When giving the second tablets of the law, God told Moses: “Carve for yourself a new set of tablets”. Continue reading

S&P Birkon app. for Android

GoogleThe S&P Birkon app. for Android is here! It gives you Grace After Meals and a few other useful Hebrew texts, and of course Bendigamos!

It all started about a month ago when someone in my Facebook group “S&P Music and Liturgy” asked on the wall if there were any developers around who’d be interesting in producing a Birkat Hamazon App.  Although my job title at IBM is “Information Developer”, I do not myself write code, although I work daily with developers who do.  My areas of expertise are writing, editing and design. Continue reading