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Sephardi origin for “Fish and Chips”?


The important “discovery” of the S&P origins of the iconic British meal of Fish and Chips got a brief notice in the Jewish Chronicle today (The Diary, p 45).

Although it has been known for years that fish fried in batter was introduced to Britain by Portuguese refugees, the new discovery was an associated recipe for Potato Shavings, in a recipe book “The Jewish Manual: Practical Information in Jewish and Modern Cookery,” published anonymously in 1846 by Judith, Lady Montefiore.  Continue reading


Ki Tetse: Clean money

Money Laundering SeriesThis week’s perasha contains more commandments than any other: a total of 74, that’s 12% of all those in the Torah! Several of the commandments relate to money, and are especially worth thinking about in the period immediately before Rosh Hashanah when we should be reviewing how we have behaved in the realm of our monetary affairs. Continue reading