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The Lion and the Unicorn

lion and unicorn gate

Did you know that the lion and the unicorn were Jewish symbols for the tribes of Judah and Joseph respectively (in Jewish iconography), and that English heraldry’s famous “fight for the crown” may actually represent a spiritual battle over which of the two will produce the ultimate Jewish Messiah?   Continue reading


Hosha’na Rabbah: The day of the willow

willowOf the four species used on Succot, the lowly willow – seen to represent the Jew who has neither learning (aroma) or good deeds (flavour) – is the symbol of the last day of the festival: Hosha’na Rabbah (“the great salvation”). By a similar token, the willow can also be seen to represent the parts of each of us that have been unmoved by the penitential atmosphere of the days of Awe. Hosha’na Rabbah is the time when even the willow finds salvation. Continue reading

Recordings from the S&P archives

record iconThe London Sephardi Centre have recently digitized and made available a set of recordings made on four vinyl “singles” in 1951. The choir is led in these recordings by Jacob Hadida, and the soloist is Abraham Beniso.

The eight “sides” (of the four records) are summarized in the cover below, and from the fact that it is entitled “Volume One”, it would seem that further volumes were planned (but apparently never released). Continue reading